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The UK’s Sub specialists – with over 62 million possible combinations. Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

Category: Sandwich Shop, Fast Food, Take Away, Cafe, Eatery, Restaurants
Telephone: 01383 623700
Floor Level: Lower Level
Unit: 21
Opening Times:

MONDAY 07.00-20.00, TUESDAY 07.00-20.00, WEDNESDAY 07.00-20.00, THURSDAY 07.00-20.00, FRIDAY 07.00-20.00, SATURDAY 07.30-20.00, SUNDAY 09.00-19.00

Bob & Berts

Bob & Berts was founded in Portstewart in 2013, satisfying the demand for quality coffee and fresh food. Its distinctive style, quality offering and local community focused approach.

Category: Coffee Shop
Floor Level: High Street
Unit: 18
Opening Times:

Combos and Meal Deals

Local restaurant and cafe offering a range of meals and drinks.

Category: Restaurant
Telephone: 01383 726696
Floor Level: Lower Level
Unit: 26
Opening Times:

MONDAY: 08.30-17.00, TUESDAY: 08.30-17.00, WEDNESDAY 08.30-17.00, THURSDAY: 08.30-17.00, FRIDAY: 08.30-17.00, SATURDAY: 08.30-17.00, SUNDAY: 08.30-17.00

Grilled Fiesta

A range of satisfying hot and cold beverages from coffee to milkshake.

A wide range of delicious snacks and hearty main meal, amazing homemade cakes, pastries and mouthwatering cheese cake. Our food is also 100% Halal

Category: Restaurant, Cafe, Coffee Shop
Telephone: 01383 733313
Floor Level: Upper Level
Unit: 66
Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday 10am - 4pm

The Pancake Place

Great value, home-cooked food, served in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Category: Restaurant
Telephone: 01383 739258
Floor Level: Upper Level
Unit: 35
Opening Times:

MONDAY 08.30-17.30, TUESDAY 08.30-17.30, WEDNESDAY 08.30-17.30, THURSDAY 08.30-17.30, FRIDAY 08.30-17.30, SATURDAY 08.30-17.30, SUNDAY 11.00-17.00


High street bakery that prepares breads, savoury snacks, sandwiches and sweet treats.

Category: Bakery
Telephone: 01383 620218
Floor Level: Lower Level
Unit: 3
Opening Times:

MONDAY 08.00-18.00, TUESDAY 08.00-18.00, WEDNESDAY 08.00-18.00, THURSDAY 08.00-18.00, FRIDAY 08.00-18.00, SATURDAY 08.00-18.00, SUNDAY 10.00-17.00